Wednesday, August 30, 2006

sissy club september 1st!!!

This friday I will be showcasing some new art at Sissy Club. this party is always the best party in the city and it's only 5 bucks!

don't matt and darin look hot? Foxy too, in a scary, rape fantasy sort of way.

Monday, August 28, 2006

new art, yo!

below are some new pieces i finished last week.

foreign exchange students one, two and three ::: 18" x 36" each ::: august 2006
these three pieces i did together. they are my new favorites =)

meat, mahjong and memories ::: 40" x 30" ::: august 2006

rocketdog ::: 40" x 30" ::: august 2006
this piece contains an old dance shoe that i used to use in college.

tami fox likes knee socks ::: 24" x 40" ::: august 2006
this piece reminds me of my college roommate leslie. she liked to rhyme!

the sissy club and peaches

the sissy club was so much fun! it was great seeing all the performers dancing in front of my art.
here are some highlights...

myself, tammye and friend mashing it up.

foxy, veda, danyol, steven, marina bitch

foxy and syphillis diller

foxy disemboweling a teddybear.

the very next day veda and i went to see peaches at the fillmore. needless to say it rocked.

here we are in all our glory. thanks to foxy for being my stylist.

not the greatest pic but thats peaches on an old school bicycle, yo!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Finished 6 more pieces

I just finished 6 more pieces. they are the finished pieces from the detailed pics from a previous blog. see if you can match up the details with the finished pieces =)

'calling all international travelers' - 24" x 48" - aug 2006

'the womens restroom is always nicer then the mens' - 24" x 48" - aug 2006

'robyn is still waiting for her big break' - 30" x 40" - aug 2006

'he told me he loved me' - 18" x 36" - aug 2006

'bunny in a circle' - 24" x 36" - aug 2006

'jill hates being single at 36' - 24" x 36" - aug 2006

Monday, August 07, 2006

some new pieces in the works!

i'm preparing for this big open house at my partner's work, pacific west financial, downtown. should be great for networking! so to make sure i have enough pieces, i'm working on a new batch. here are some detailed pics of my works in progress.

bacon stickers, pages from a 1968 seventeen mag, and a section of a large piece i painted a long time ago that i cut up into pieces.

advert from a chinese newspaper, cardboard, matchbooks, glue and some lotto tickets.

matchbooks, seventeen mag, korean newspaper, old art section.

pic from seventeen mag of couple at the palace of fine arts in san francisco.

old dance shoe, picture frame, stamps, and a korean newspaper.

here is a room ful of all the pieces i am currently working on. they should be done soon!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

new pieces i just finished

I just finished a few new pieces. they are all on my website here:
2006 gallery page 2

here are a few pics of my newest work...

'snap shot' - july 2006 - 24" x 24"

'frequent flyer take out' - july 2006 - 24" x 24"

more to come.....