Wednesday, May 30, 2007

ramona and her family come to visit

ramona came to visit this past weekend. here are some highlights from the ArtSF opening too...

ramona and i at the ArtSF opening

ingrid showing me her new phone in front of some fabulous art.

sara and bill checking out my new pieces...

enid, bill, liz, ramona and me.

Thank you Marie for curating such a great show!

openings this week...

get ready to get your art on. here are some of my openings this week to tickle your fancy...

Sunday, June 3rd 3pm - 5pm
Personal Secrets - Public Space
SomArts Culteral Center
934 Brannan
San Francisco, CA

Group show featuring queer latina/o artist. This space rocks and this is a show not to be missed. i'm really excited about this one!

Wednesday, June 6th 6pm - 9pm
my homies
Moby Dick
4049 18th street
San Francisco, CA

SOLO show running the month of June.

hope to see you there!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Love and Hate @ ArtSF - Group Show

Group Show this Saturday @ ArtSF!!!

Love and Hate
110 Capp Street @ Missin

8pm - 1am

sliding scale door starting at $5.

This event is a benefit for Art SF, a volunteer run art space helping to keep art alive in San Francisco's Mission District.

Artwork from over 30 local artists including:
Allegra Gibson, Amy Sampson, danyol, Aydasara Ortega, Casper,Cuba, Daniel Edmunds,Diane Wat, aka RedHot, Forever What?, Fred Klein, Freedom, Han T. Sun, James Lovekin, James S. Leese, Joe Ertl, Joe Mama, Joe Twistie, Joseph Mudd, Josh, Julia DeGuzman, Krista Augius, MAP, Marc Scheff, Marie Reich, Melisande, MEONE74, Monica Meza, No Way, Pierre Pressure, Pui-Quan Cheng, Robert Damon, Scotty Enderle, Seamus Malone, Sony Green (Puppy Gang), Tessa Sutton, TJ Walkup

Music by:
DJ Cuba, DJ Zeljko, One Man Banjo, The Dedications, Irv and Laverne, and more...


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

RIP Jerry Falwell

Jerry have given me much fodder over the years. RIP.

The Dead Kennedys said it best:

You call yourself the moral majority
We call ourselves the people in the real world
Trying to rub us out, but were going to survive
God must be dead if youre alive

You say, god loves you. come and buy the good news
Then you buy the president and swimming pools
If jesus dont save til were lining your pockets
God must be dead if youre alive

Circus-tent con-men and southern belle bunnies
Milk your emotions then they steal your money
Its the new dark ages with the fascists toting bibles
Cheap nostalgia for the salem witch trials

Stodgy ayatollahs in their dobble-knit ties
Burn lots of books so they can feed you their lies
Masturbating with a flag and a bible
God must be dead if youre alive

Blow it out your ass, jerry falwell
Blow it out your ass, jesse helms
Blow it out your ass, ronald reagan
Whats wrong with a mind of my own?

You dont want abortions, you want battered children
You want to ban the pill as if that solves the problem
Now you wanna force us to pray in school
God must be dead if youre such a fool

Youre planning for a war with or without iran
Building a police state with the ku klux klan
Pissed at your neighbour? dont bother to nag
Pick up the phone and turn in a fag

Blow it out your ass, terry dolan
Blow it out your ass, phyllis schlafly
Ram it up your cunt, anita
Cos God must be dead
If youre alive
God must be dead
If youre alive

Thursday, May 10, 2007

June is going to be crazy!

im so excited about june. i've never been so busy with shows, its crazy! Here is the lowdown:

Coffee Cup Cafe
3734 E 4th St
Long Beach, CA
June 2 - July 28

Opening reception on Sunday, June 3rd from 9am til 2pm
(they are only open for breakfast and lunch)

2742 E 4th St
Long Beach, CA
June 2 - July 28

No opening receptions scheduled but come check out the show and have some great fish and chips!

Chillin 9th Anniversary Party

@ Mezzanine
444 Jessie
San Francisco, CA
June 2nd only

Come see over 60 designers, photographers and painters all under one roof. Great DJ's kepp it going until 2am.

Amber Lounge
718 14th Street
(between Belcher St & Church St)
San Francisco, CA 94114
June 14 - July 19

"my smoking guns" SOLO show. Opening reception June 14 form 6-10pm.

and these shows with opening dates to be determined...

Harvey's San Francisco
Given San Francisco
In Your Element San Francisco
QueLaco San Francisco

Come see my all new work for 2007!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Lisa kicks ass

Bill and i went to see the California Quake play the Santa Rosa Scorchers. our friend Lisa is on the Quake. you just can't beat all girls tackle football.

here are a few highlights...

lisa could kick my ass.

lisa is somewhere in that pile of padded chicks!