Saturday, July 15, 2006

tonight's the night...let it be lowendanyol!

here are some pics of my the piece i am currently working on. they will show you some of the layering that i do to get my final product.

it all started with a frame my sister gave me that she bought at a garage sale.

i took one of my nana's tablecloths that she had given me before she died and i mounted that to a piece of cardboard and glued it onto the canvas.

next i added some airplane emergency brochures, puzzle pieces, cards from a deck of fortune telling playing cards that ingrid gave me and some color.

after adding some more color and dripping some orange onto the canvas, it has come to this stage.

here are some detail pics of where it is at today.

well, its 5pm and i need to start getting ready for my show at Harvey's tonight. hope to see you there!

and a big happy birthday to ingrid. last nights party was so much fun!

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