Tuesday, January 30, 2007

gearing up for Santa Cruz!!!

My opening is Santa Cruz is gonna rock. big ups to all the people driving down and staying the night. you guys are really gonna help make this event great.

i did 3 new dragonflies for the show on friday. havent done them in a while so i thought i'd try something new...

then god said let there be flight ::: 36" x 48" ::: january 2007
with this one i glued pieces of balsa wood to a canvas, then covered everything with pages from a chines bible.

the pattern of redundancy pattern ::: 36" x 36" ::: january 2007
this one i covered the canvas with sewing patterns from a 1950 vogue dress design

year of the dragonfly ::: 48" x 36" ::: january 2007
this one is covered with pages from a chinese calendar and pages form a chinese newspaper i found in the street that day.

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