Monday, April 23, 2007

yollie hits downtown LA and Silverlake with yuka by his side

i had such a blast this weekend in so cal. big thanks to robyn, carolyn and keith, and lisa and amber for letting me crash on their respective couches! all for the sake of art!

I also booked 2 shows in Long Beach while i was down here. I will be hanging both shows on June 2nd.

The Coffee Cup Cafe and Shellelagh. More info on those coming shortly.

thanks to yuka, yollie has now hit up most of downtown LA and silverlake with his fabulous paste-ups! spread the werd!!!

downtown LA with yuka

three girls in a row

wallpaper style in downtown LA

6 little girls in a row. downtown LA.

thats it for now! im heading back to SF for some more paste-up fun!


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