Wednesday, December 19, 2007

12 galaxies show w/ Carletta Sue Kay

Last night was so much fun! thanks to everyone who made it out to catch our set. (especially Nadia, aka Merch Bitch, aka nads, aka roomie)

The opening act (shawn something from portland) played a very beautiful set of acoustic diddies that reminded me of a mashed together elliot smith, neil young and willie nelson.

then Carletta Sue Kay took the stage and we played 4 new numbers. some worked...some didnt...but it was a lot of fun testing them out on the hipster bear crowd.

after us was All My Pretty Ones, who simply rocked my box. after losing their drummer 2 days ago, their set was somber, soft and angelic. i always love playing with these gorgeous guys and gals.

sorry no pics. i forgot to charge my camera...

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